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Elephant Company was founded in 1995 in Donetsk city, Ukraine. During over twenty years we had come a long way, continuously implementing new technologies and efficient management systems. Nowadays company specializes in well-designed, high-tech, signage projects and provides a full customer service in such areas as:
• Project management
• Signage solutions
• Concept/designs services
• LED Lighting Technologies
• Christmas decorations
Our business solutions can be used and put into retail and commercial areas, urban and business spaces. We can be useful for companies that doing their business in such industries as banking & financial, health care, entertainment and shopping mall, sports venues, restaurants, amusement park, drug stores, convenience stores. Also our customers can be both large companies and small business interested in creating a modern image. Project Management Company Elephant has a long time experience, competence and skills allow to create and manage huge and exciting solutions for your business.


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