"Project Management Company Elephant" is engaged in the creation of navigation systems. These are complexes of information stands, navigation panels, tablets and indexes that help to orient visitors in any premises and on any terrain. Today, without navigational signs, it is impossible to imagine the internal design of shopping centers, hotels, offices, and other large urban infrastructure such as bus stations, railway stations, airports and much more. Nowadays navigation system is an important part of the advertising strategy of any enterprise and directly affects the degree of business success. Our company can perform for you a full range of works, from the development of the design solution and to the actual implementation of your navigation project. We offer the following types of outdoor and indoor navigation systems:
• Suspended,on the wall, on the floor, on the table surface
• Light and non-light
• One-sided and two-sided
• Portable and stationary
• Holistic and interchangeable
• Multifunctional

You can trust our company! No potential customer will not pass by, thanks to our navigation system.