Smart Slim Panel

Ultra Thin & Bright LED light panels

Revolutionary Smart and Slim panels are designed for companies to enhance their visual appeal to their customers. Graphics, prints and posters come to life through Backlit film. Smart Slim panel enhances light output almost twice as much as competitive designs can offer. Elegant design is achieved through a thinner design and less weight, which in turn makes it easier to install and requires fewer parts.
Magnetization system helps change print and posters to any shape and size without difficulty.
See it to believe it.

Exceptionally slim.
The magnetic light panel is only 15 mm. thick and basic panel is only 8 mm thick.
Extremely bright.
Up to 11 000 lux on the light panel’s surface depending on the size.
Highly customizable.
Every possible variation of light panel size up to 2450x1250mm. overall dimensions with either one-sided or double-sided lighting, bent or flat acrylic sheet.
Low power consumption.
Maximum size light panel (2450 x 1250 mm.) with double-sided lighting and 5000 lux on the surface consumes only 100 Watts.
A great number of different possible applications of the light panel, starting with signage and ending with interior lighting solutions.